Daddy’s Sweet Kitten, Ch. 2


Chapter 2


Killian had always considered himself a demisexual. Sure, he had his mandatory casual encounters in college. That’s where he learned that not only was he incapable of genuinely enjoying no strings attached sex, but he craved to be nurturing and gentle with the right submissive woman. While he wouldn’t compare himself to an Abercrombie and Fitch model, he often caught women checking him out when he wasn’t sequestered in his office, inundated by work.

He loved his job, despite the long, arduous hours spent there. What he didn’t love was not having the time to meet women. And given his particular tastes in BDSM, he knew that meeting the right baby girl was going to be extremely difficult. After some disappointing first dates from prospective submissive women that he had met on FetLife, he deleted his account and decided to contact the escort agency.

Hence the present situation at hand. He found it rather ironic that he had never felt such a palpable, electric attraction until now. The moment he had set his eyes on Isabella, he felt his composure disintegrating, surrendering to her otherworldly, seductive allure. And when she was in the bathtub and felt how swollen her little clit had become, he had found it so difficult to take away his hand from her arousal, knowing how turned on she had become.

But he knew, deep down inside, that if he had sex with her, it would feel even worse knowing that he had paid for it. It would be emotionless sex based on primal, animalistic needs that were being met only because he had paid her to be there.

All of these thoughts swirled through his head as he towel dried Bella’s petite, thin body. Thankfully, he was able to shift his focus from her sensual aura to her sweet, gentle demeanor, which thankfully made his painful erection go away.  It didn’t take long for him to dry her body with the black cotton towel and he was tempted to scoop her up in his arms to carry her to the couch. Instead, he placed a pink silky robe on her and gave her a pair of pink fuzzy slippers, which looked perfect on her and truly made her look like a sweet, adorable baby girl.

“You look so beautiful in pink,” he said. “Do you like the robe and slippers I bought you?”

“I adore them. Thank you so much, daddy.”

She went on her tiptoes and kissed his left clean-shaven cheek. Killian smiled and fought the urge to kiss her on the lips. Every time she addressed him as daddy, he felt his chest tighten and his stomach flip. Which was quickly followed by the sobering reminder that she was an escort and she was only here for the money.

“You’re welcome,” he stiffly said. “Let’s go to the couch now. I will brush your hair while you sit on my lap.”

They walked to the sofa in complete silence. Once he sat on the couch, Isabella carefully settled herself on his lap and surprised him when she gently caressed his cheek, forcing his attention on her. The concerned expression on her beautiful face proved to Killian that she was picking up on his discomfort; there was no way of hiding it from her.

“You look so sad, daddy.”

Killian sighed. “Daddy is very, very tired. He helps out a lot of people but it’s very draining on him, physically and emotionally.”

The last thing he expected was for her to slip off the robe and slippers, all without getting off his lap. He sucked in his breath as his gaze drank in her gorgeous, petite figure; she truly was the perfect rendering of what Killian visualized when he would fantasize about his baby girl. She was completely natural, with small, perky A cup breasts, a sexy, tight ass, and smooth alabaster skin. Staring at her supple skin was torture; he imagined her lying down on the living room floor with her legs spread apart, giving him the perfect visual for him to furiously masturbate so that he could come all over her porcelain, sexy body…

“Perhaps your baby girl can help by giving you a nude massage? Have you ever had one, daddy?”

He shivered as he shook his head and thread his fingers through her long, inky black hair. “No, I haven’t, little one. I fear that I do not have any sort of massage lotion on me.”

“Mm. I do.” She giggled as she squirmed on his lap, forcing him to bite his lower lip. “I would love to massage you all over with my soft, small hands. Will you allow me that pleasure?”

“Perhaps. Only after I have brushed your hair.”

“Okay!” she cheerily said.

She’s so good at this, Killian thought to himself as he tried his best ignore the incessant arousal in between his legs. I wonder if she truly is a submissive baby girl at heart? He shoved this gnawing question away and instead extended his right hand toward the coffee table to pick up the Victorian porcelain top hair brush that was adorned with the image of violets.

“It’s beautiful,” she said as she admired the vintage hair comb. “So you’re a daddy with refined taste. Intelligent, hard working and compassionate.” She returned the hair comb to him and frowned. “I don’t understand…never mind.” Her cheeks flushed profusely and she shook her head. “I apologize. It’s none of my business to make such an inquiry. Not to mention unprofessional.”

“I don’t mind you asking questions, little one.” He ran his fingers through her hair, threading the silky strands that were so soft to the touch. “I’m an open book. Ask away.”

Bella sighed. “It’s against my company’s policy to ask such intrusive questions.” She paused and sighed in contentment. “Your fingers feel so good through my hair.”

Killian smiled. “I’m happy you like it. I’m going to brush your hair now with the comb, okay?”

She nodded. “Okay, daddy.”

The next five minutes were spent in comfortable, enjoyable silence with Killian gently brushing Isabella’s long, straight hair. She was such a good girl and remained completely still. It was complete torture, though, to have her sitting on his lap completely naked; he knew that she could feel his straining, pulsating erection poking her ass. Killian hadn’t been planning on touching Isabella in such a sensual manner, but he couldn’t help himself; after parting her hair to the side to expose her bare neck, he kissed the soft, sensitive area between her shoulder blades, which elicited a sharp gasp from Bella. He closed his eyes as he inhaled her feminine, intoxicating scent that was mixed with the rose body wash he had just used on her.

“Daddy, your lips are so soft,” she said in a barely contained whisper. “They feel so good on me.”

Killian suppressed a growl as his cock twitched underneath her tiny weight. They would feel even more amazing on your taut nipples and puffy clit, he almost said out loud. But he restrained himself from saying anything lewd. Instead, he planted a final kiss on her spine and cleared his throat.

“I am happy you like them, little one. If you still wish to perform a massage on me, I’d be more than happy to accept that offer.”
“Mm. I would love that. I recommend performing the massage on the bed. Is that okay?”

“Certainly. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Excitement thrummed through him at the thought of such a beautiful woman performing a massage on him. He couldn’t deny the fact that his body was extremely tense and sore from the countless hours of sitting at his desk. He couldn’t even remember the last time a woman had touched him; he was always so immersed in his work, waking up early and staying late at the office. When they finally reached his bedroom, he closed the door after Isabella sauntered in, completely naked except for the small pink fuzzy pocketbook that hung from her right shoulder. He avidly watched her as she slowly meandered around the average sized bedroom, taking note of the furniture, bookcases, and photographs that adorned the walls.

“I love your bedroom,” she said as she set the pocketbook on his king size mattress. “I love the grey walls and black and white furniture. It works so perfectly. My roommate hates anything minimalistic so everything in our apartment is bright and loud.”

“Thank you,” he said as he slowly approached her. “It’s an acquired taste that not very many people like, let alone appreciate.” His heart thundered in his chest as he cleared his throat. “So, um, how do we go about doing this? I’ve never gotten a massage before, especially from such a sexy, beautiful woman.”

She turned to him and grinned devilishly. “Thank you for the compliment. It’s quite simple, really. You get undressed and lie down on the bed and I pour massage oil on my hands and go to work on your body.”

“Oh.” Killian’s fair cheeks flushed at the thought of her soft, small hands wandering slick oil all over his taut body. “Would it be okay if I kept my boxers on?”

“Of course, daddy. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

Thankfully, he had taken a shower before she arrived so he was all clean for her underneath his suit. After taking off his shoes, suit jacket, dress shirt, slacks and socks and neatly folding them on the black dresser, he took a deep breath and was about to lie down on the mattress when she stopped him, placing her hand on his right wrist.

“Wow,” she whispered. “Give me a minute to appreciate the view, daddy. I didn’t think you could get sexier with that suit on but it turns out I’m wrong.”

Killian almost forgot to breathe as she eye fucked him with her ocean blue eyes. He tried his best to focus on just her aquamarine eyes but her body was far too tantalizing; his cock strained painfully against his boxer briefs as he drank in the image of her smooth, porcelain body. She giggled before a tiny smirk grew on her face and she hopped on the bed.

“Okay,” she said. “Time to lie down on the bed and relax. I wish we had some candles and incense to set the mood.”

“I have a sandalwood candle right on my nightstand. There’s a lighter right next to it. Feel free to turn it on.”


Killian lied down on the black comforter face down and rested his face on his arms as he patiently waited for Isabella to turn on the candle and join him on the bed. He heard the sound of a zipper opening before the mattress shifted slightly and Bella straddled him, forcing a shudder from him when she lightly caressed his firm, sinewy back with her fingertips. Feeling her bare labia on him made his cock jerk underneath him, forcing him to grip the comforter in sexual frustration.

“So sensitive,” she said. “You’re so wound up. My poor daddy. I’ll take care of that for you.”

Killian nervously gulped as he heard the sound of the oil being squirted out of the bottle. A gasp escaped him when he felt her warm, slick hands caressing his rigid, tense back muscles. It was such a foreign sensation to him, but one that he was quickly becoming accustomed to and enjoying. Her hands felt like liquid silk on his sore muscles and within less than a minute, he found himself dozing off, completely relaxed without a worry in his hectic mind. His eyes snapped open, though, when he felt her satin soft lips on the back of his neck.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” she whispered against his skin. “You have to flip over.”

Killian groggily nodded and after Isabella hopped off him, he flipped over onto his back. He was so relaxed that he had completely forgotten about his erection, which was straining against his black boxer briefs, making it impossible to miss. Isabella giggled and without warning, straddled him, forcing him to gasp and shiver when he felt the warmth emanating from her pink, wet folds.

“You work too much, daddy,” she said in a soft, gentle tone. “You need to make time for yourself. Your body is so haggard and wound up. I can feel literally every muscle in your body screaming for rest.”

He was rendered speechless as she shimmied her way down his body and crossed her legs before she took his left foot and placed it on her lap. He intently watched as she poured a few drops of massage oil on her palm and slowly began to massage his tired foot. He sighed in contentment upon feeling her skilled hands kneading the sensitive skin until she reached his toes, where she massaged each one. Lust encapsulated him once again and when she switched to his right foot, he couldn’t deny the heavy swelling in his balls and the pre-cum that was leaking from him, staining his boxer briefs.

“Daddy has such sexy feet,” she said. “I would suck his toes if he let me.”

Killian had never fantasized about a woman sucking his toes, but the mere thought of Isabella sucking and licking his toes forced even more pre-cum to ooze out of his cock. “That would be lovely.”

“Mm.” Her diamond blue eyes glimmered with excitement as she set his foot down and began to massage his right calf. “I’ve never done that before. But I’ve always fantasized of doing it with the right guy.”

“What other things have you fantasized about, baby doll?”

She giggled and blushed. “Too many to list. Guess you have to find out, huh?”

Killian grinned, enjoying her cute, playful demeanor. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done for a client?”

Her cheerful expression turned somber for a few fleeting moments. “Hard to say. Being in the business for this long, it’s difficult for me to discern now whether something is vanilla or kinky.” The smile returned to her face as she began to massage his left calf. “Although I will say that dressing up as a baby girl for a younger man tops the cake so far.”

He was about to reply to her statement when her right hand grazed his erection, forcing him to violently shudder. Tendrils of white-hot pleasure shot through his entire body and goosebumps formed on his skin. Isabella noticed his visceral reaction and a knowing smile grew on her face.

“Daddy hasn’t been touched in a long time, it seems.”

Killian gulped. “Correct. It’s been almost five years.”

Her head snapped up to him as her palm continued to graze his long, thick shaft through his boxers. “Five years?”

He moaned and thrust his hips upward. “Yes.”

“And I’m not supposed to have sex with you tonight?” She pouted as she rubbed his heavy, full balls. “It might be wrong, but that just makes me want you more…”

“Please,” he said in a tremulous voice. “Continue with the massage, baby girl.”

A sexy grin grew on her lips. “A prostate massage?”

His eyes rolled back and he groaned. “Are you a sadist? Because you are torturing me, my little Belle.”

“I’m not into inflicting pain. I love giving pleasure, though. I gave a man the hottest orgasm ever with my finger up his ass while I jerked him off. I’ve never seen a guy orgasm so hard. His cum was everywhere.”

Her words alone were going to make him come. Even though her hands were now on his flat abdomen and chest, his cock was still throbbing and leaking so much pre-cum. Despite the ardent lust that was radiating throughout his body, he fought it off and focused on her small, warm hands on his upper torso. Once she was done, he expected her to hop off and leave, so he was genuinely surprised when she kissed the corner of his mouth and then nuzzled his neck.

“Thank you for letting me massage you, daddy,” she said. “I hope you enjoyed it.”

The sincerity in her voice made his chest clench. He unconsciously wrapped his left arm around her and pulled him close to her until her tiny, petite body was pressed tightly against him.

“How much more do you need for you to sleep with me? Like actual sleep. No sex.”

She shook her head. “There is no additional cost for that. You already paid enough for my visit. I already feel guilty as it is, taking your money without even having sex with you.”

“I’m paying for your time. If it wasn’t for the money, you wouldn’t be here, correct?”

Isabella’s pensive expression and lack of reply surprised him. Perhaps his suspicion was correct and they did have genuine chemistry. That gnawing speculation was made even stronger when she yawned and nuzzled his neck.

“I’m sleepy. Is it bedtime yet, daddy?”


Daddy’s Sweet Kitten, Ch. 1

This is a rough draft of my novella Daddy’s Sweet Kitten. In honor of NaNoWriMo, I will be completing and uploading a chapter per day. I apologize in advance for any glaring mistakes or inconsistencies. I am a huge baby girl at heart so I’ve been wanting to write a daddy dom/little girl story for the longest time. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 xo

Chapter 1


Bella’s heart was like a jackhammer going off in her little chest as she knocked on the client’s door. In her ten years of doing this business, she had never received a request such as this one. Dressing up as a sweet, innocent prepubescent girl instead of donning the outfit an overtly sexual, erotic woman was something that she had never done as an escort. She had been Lucinda’s top pick since Bella had the most youthful face and innocent aura out of all her fellow coworkers.

Killian was a highly successful lawyer that specifically asked for a submissive baby girl. Discretion was obviously mandatory and Bella no longer viewed these men as selfish, evil men that cheated on their wives. She had learned throughout her career that a lot of these men were sweet and craved affection, not just sex. She couldn’t help but notice how many of these men would confess to her how their wives would deny them their fantasies and desires. It was a primal need that could not be ignored; a situation that she had experienced personally herself with her ex-husband in the past.

Since the client was a highly successful, prominent figure in the world of law, the details she received of him were scant and limited. He was in his late twenties, something which intrigued Bella since most of her clientele consisted of men over their fifties. Also, Lucinda had noted that he was breathtaking in appearance, something which didn’t really faze Bella since she had met many men with attractive, deceitful shells that harbored an ugly and selfish personality.

So when the door slowly opened and she set her gaze upon him for the first time, Bella couldn’t help but stare at him in utter confusion and disbelief. He was certainly a very handsome, aesthetically pleasing man and despite his young age, he did not harbor that egotistical, pompous aura that so many men his age withheld. He had dark brown hair that was stylishly slicked back and buzzed on the sides, an olive pale complexion and luminescent blue-green eyes that bore into her soul. Along with his slim-fitting black suit, black dress shirt, and black dress shoes, Bella found herself swooning over him immediately.

“Hello, little one.” His voice was rich and deep yet gentle, immediately consoling her. “Please come in.”

She gulped and nodded before she stepped foot into his apartment. Immediately, she noticed how immaculate and clean everything was; her eyes glazed over the dark grey walls with the accented slate grey wall along with the black leather furniture. There were a few black and white photographs hanging on the walls, which immediately piqued Bella’s interest since she was a secret photography fanatic herself; she loved all the arts but photography and writing were her two favorites.

Ironically, as she stepped foot into the apartment and checked out his elegant yet simplistic way of living, she could feel his potent gaze hovering over her. Her outfit was the perfect blend of cute and classy; she had straightened her natural wavy raven locks and bought a white bow to adorn her hair. Along with her white dress shirt, red white plaid skirt that stopped at the middle of her thighs, black knee-high socks, and black Mary Jane style flats, she had given her best effort to resemble an innocent, sweet baby girl. And Killian seemed thoroughly pleased with her outfit.

After closing the door shut, he cleared his throat and smiled shyly at Bella. “I apologize for my nerves. I’ve…never done this sort of arrangement before, believe it or not. Would you like something to drink to break the ice?”

With most men, Bella felt like she couldn’t be herself; there was always the fear of being unjustly critiqued and even getting maimed. But while most men were a whirlwind of repressed emotion, Killian was a placid lake of security. She had never encountered this scenario before, where she immediately felt trust with a client, not to mention the simmering lust that was undeniably growing in between her legs.

“I would love that,” she cheerily said. “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Whiskey and coke?”

Isabella gulped nervously as her gaze darted down to his crotch. “Sure.”

“Excellent. Please, feel free to sit down on the couch. I’ll be right back.”

Bella nodded and nervously sat down on the smooth, black leather loveseat. She had been doing this gig for five years now and nothing had fazed her in this business; she had done it all, from plain vanilla to erotic, kinky encounters that would make most people blush profusely. But for some reason, dressing up like an innocent, sweet girl for this handsome, well-dressed man was unfurling something deep within her that she could not ignore….

“Here we are,” he said as he entered the living room again. “I made it a little strong, I hope that’s okay.”

“More than okay.” She smiled at him and pushed away all of her trivial thoughts and initial hesitations away as she accepted the drink. “Thank you, er…” She frowned and creased her forehead. “This is a stupid question, but is there a certain word that you would like me to address you as?”

His handsome face broke out into a grin and Bella couldn’t deny the tendrils of arousal from tickling her womb. “Thank you for asking. You don’t have to address me as anything fancy. It’s not mandatory. Although I would adore it if you called me…daddy.”

Instead of feeling creeped out, Bella felt her chest swell with affection. “Okay, daddy.” She smiled as she watched him sit down next to her. “I will be honest. I have no idea of what this dynamic entails. I am a quick learner, though. Perhaps you could give me a quick lesson?”

Killian took a hurried sip of his mixed drink and Bella was happy to see that his tensely coiled body loosened a little upon the consumption of alcohol. “I would be most happy to explain it to you.” He paused for a few moments before he set his heady gaze on her. “You look absolutely beautiful, by the way. I love the outfit.”

Bella felt like a thirteen-year-old girl as her cheeks flushed and her gaze faltered on the floor. “Thank you, daddy.”

Touch me, daddy, Bella wanted to whisper into his ear. Usually, it was the men that initiated the sex in all of her arrangements. Even when she was the dominant one in control, it was the men that egged her on. She had never experienced lust this visceral with a client before, and the image of Killian brushing his lips against her pale neck and running his large hand up her thigh filled her with ardent desire like she had never experienced before.

Killian gulped down a substantial amount of whiskey and coke before he sighed. “It’s really quite simple. In the BDSM world, I am what they call a daddy dom. I am pretty much a less mean, callous version of a dominant. I love my submissives to be sweet and cute. I love the dichotomy of innocence and sexiness. The submissive baby girl is always over the legal age and I am not attracted to underage girls at all.” He nervously laughed. “I hope that made sense.”

Bella intently stared at him as she quickly finished the remainder of her drink, knowing that perhaps she was drinking much too fast but not really caring, knowing that she was completely safe with this man. “That makes complete sense. Is that why you chose me? Because I have such a youthful look to me?”

“Partly, yes.” His eyes flickered up and down her petite body. “You seemed like a sweet girl from your photos and profile summary. I’m rarely wrong when it comes to reading people.”

“You’re a lawyer, right?”

“Yes, I am.” He stiffened and cleared his throat. “Which reminds me…did the agency explain to you my requests for the evening?”

Bella shook her head. “I’m afraid not.” Adrenaline coursed through her at the thought of kissing and touching this beautiful man. “I’m sorry. What are your requests?”

Killian took her by complete surprise when he gently grabbed her right hand and placed a tender kiss on the top of it. “No sex. I just want to bathe you, brush your hair and hold you close on my lap.” He stared at her intently. “Is that okay?”

Those two words echoed on repeat in her ears: no sex. While she had not always participated in intercourse with her clients, she had always been involved in some sort of sexual intimacy with them. She had never experienced this sort of situation before. A fluttering mixture of emotions overcame her; guilt over the fact that he was having to pay for such simple, innocent acts, and disappointment over the fact that she was not going kiss, taste and feel him. Despite the barrage of conflicting emotions, she grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

“Whatever daddy wants, he gets.”

Killian’s mouth twitched and Bella could swear that she could see the outline of his erection pressing tautly against his slacks. Holy crap, he’s huge, she thought to herself as she tried her best to not stare at his crotch. Something that turned out to be impossible since the alcohol was making her much more relaxed and turned on. Perhaps he would get turned on while he bathed her and he would change his mind? She could only hope.

After finishing the remainder of his drink, he set it down on the coffee table and chuckled. “Okay, little one. I’m going to draw a bath for you. I’ll be right back.”

Bella nodded and patiently waited on the couch as he disappeared down the hall and the sound of the water filling the tub up filtered to the living room. For some reason, having Killian bathe her was much more intimate than him fucking her, a thought that really struck Isabella as odd. No man had ever done this for her, not even outside of work. It was such a personal, affectionate act that was really throwing her off. It was quite clear that Killian was a deeply sweet and kind man that was lonely and ached for this sort of dynamic; she couldn’t help but wonder if he had tried finding it in the real world and if his search turned out to be futile since he went to the agency.

With the alcohol finally hitting her system, she stood up and slowly sauntered over to the bathroom, where Killian had just turned off the water. He had taken off his suit jacket and had his dress shirt rolled up to his elbows. They both stared at each other as she stepped into the bathroom and Bella couldn’t deny the electric chemistry buzzing between the both of them. He’s obviously attracted to me, so why won’t he fuck me? The question swirled through her tipsy brain as she coyly grinned at him and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“Time for me to undress, daddy?” she asked in a sexy, demure voice. “I am in need of a good bath.”

She swore that she could hear him growl under his breath as she slipped off her blouse to reveal her perky A cup breasts. After placing the blouse on the counter, she took off her shoes, socks, and skirt to unveil her smoothly shaven sex. Killian was silent as he stared at her nude figure, and she was beginning to worry that he was disappointed by what he saw until he approached her and lightly skimmed his forefingers over her smooth, pale cheek.

“Your beauty is astounding,” he whispered. “You’re so beautiful. Like a doll.”

Compared to the other escorts, Isabella rarely received such praise like this from the clients. Being on the petite, short end of femininity often meant being overlooked and disqualified; her lack of assets certainly didn’t help, either. But Bella felt like the most sensual creature on Earth as Killian drank in her nude figure.

“Thank you,” she said as her throat tightened. “You are too kind.”

“I just speak the truth.” He glanced at the bathwater and smiled. “I hope the water is okay for you. I didn’t make it too hot.”

“It should be okay.”

Bella felt his smoldering gaze on her as she put up her long hair in a bun and carefully entered the tub. It was the perfect temperature for her since it wasn’t unbearably hot but still warm enough to make her sigh in contentment. She was enjoying the blissful warmth of the water nestling her skin; it had been such a long time since she had taken a bath and she felt like she was happily floating as she felt every single muscle in her body relax at once. When she felt his strong hands on both sides of her neck, she couldn’t stop the tiny moan that escaped her lips.

“The temperature is okay?” he asked.

“Yes, yes it is. It’s lovely.”

“Good. I’m glad.” He gently massaged the muscles in her neck and she purred happily. “What kind of body wash would my baby girl like? I have lavender, rose, and coconut.”

“Rose sounds nice.”

“Good choice. It’s probably my favorite scent for a woman to wear. So feminine and soft yet sexy. I’ll be right back with it.”

Bella gulped as he turned around and brought the body wash over to the tub. If his mere presence and sexy voice were enough to make her womb ache, then she couldn’t imagine what his hands could do to her. After ripping off the tag of the loofah, he poured a substantial amount of body wash onto it before bringing it to her body. Isabella couldn’t help but purr as he lathered her skin in the exquisite, luxurious body wash. He made sure to take his time gently scrubbing her entire body from neck to toe. She completely lost track of time as he patiently cleaned her. When he took his hand away and stopped, though, she pouted as she realized that he completely skipped over her intimate parts.

“Um, daddy?” she drowsily asked.

“Yes, baby girl?”

She giggled before she turned toward him. “You forgot my princess parts.”

His eyes widened as he stared at her. “Oh…right.” He cleared his throat. “Is that something you want?”

She bit her lower lip as more of the liquor seeped through her system, feeding her confidence. “Yes, please.”

Lust glimmered in his beautiful blue-green eyes. “Very well. Let me get a new bar of soap for you.”

Another giggle escaped her. “For my button?”

He chuckled. “Yes, little one.”

“Okay, daddy.”

She tried her best to not get too aroused, but it was impossible. Instead of using the loofah, Killian used his bare hands to lather the soap on her breasts. A shaky moan escaped her as she looked down and stared at the succulent sight of his large, masculine hands massaging her tits; the sensation of his palms grazing against her taut, hard nipples sent liquid heat straight to her clit. She could easily come like this, with his hands gently caressing her breasts. A frown grew on her face, though, when he pulled away both of his hands and slid his right hand down her flat stomach, stopping right over her womb. He brought his mouth to her right ear and his shaky exhale sent tremors of arousal up and down her arms and legs.

“Spread your legs, chiquita,” he whispered into her ear. “I’m going to clean your kitty.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Isabella spread her legs, exposing her pretty, pink petals. She bit her lower lip again when he murmured something under his breath before a tiny growl escaped him. Finger fuck me and I will come so hard for you, daddy, she wanted to say out loud. Instead, she remained silent and still as he gingerly grazed his fingertips over her labia. When his fingers skimmed over her highly sensitive clit, she yelped in exquisite pleasure. He quickly retracted his hand, which made Bella pout in disappointment.

“I’m sorry, little one.” He softly kissed the top of her head. “I didn’t intend to hurt you. Are you okay?”

“You didn’t hurt me. It just felt…really good.”

“Hmm. I see.” He seemed to deliberate his next choice of words because there was a long pause. “Shall I continue?”

“Yes, please.”

He brought his right hand back to her parted folds and continued cleaning her. She whimpered and spread her legs even more, wanting more of his sweet, decadent touch. But she was disappointed when he stopped rubbing her there to place some of the bar soap on his middle finger, only to bring it further down to her tight entrance. She gasped as he slowly and carefully skimmed her little asshole, which brought her immense pleasure; she couldn’t stop herself from grinding against his finger, needing more of that delicious friction. The ecstasy, however, was short-lived since he retracted his hand and swiftly stood up.

“Okay, bath time is over, little one,” he said. “Time to dry you up and comb your beautiful, long hair.”

I want you to keep touching me! She wanted to say out loud. But she needed to please him; this was her job, after all. And he had specifically requested that there be no sex involved. So instead of sighing in a combination of disappointment and frustration, she smiled up at him.

“Okay, daddy.”